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Hail Great Washington  
11:15am 22/02/2012
Diana L. Paxson
So this morning, in honor of Washington's actual birth date, I put on my playlist of Revolutionary War period music, starting with the "President's March", which celebrates Washington and the heroes of the Revolution. It is hard to realize how revered Washington was in this country's early days. And the amazing thing is, he seems to have deserved it. He may not have been the greatest general, but he was a superb commander in chief during the war, and it was clear he was the only man who could hold the country together during its first fragile years.

The other thing that amazes me is the fact that almost as soon as the Constitution was approved, factions sprang up, and that they are in essence the same factions we are dealing with today-- states versus federal government, liberal versus conservative, city versus country, labor versus capital. However on the whole, the divisions don't seem to have had religious grounds. I suspect the English-speaking peoples still remembered the horrors of the English Civil War too vividly to want to risk religious war again. The Founding Fathers were absolutely determined to keep the United States from becoming a theocracy dominated by /any/ of the denominations present.

Considering some of the bizarre statements the current crop of candidates have been coming out with, I think it's time to reactivate the Freedom-fathers' project and invoke the help of our founding fathers and mothers to keep us true to their ideals.
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01:29am 23/02/2012 (UTC)
In my opinion, the amazing thing about George Washington is that the American Revolution was the ONLY major revolution in modern history that did NOT end up with a dictator in charge - and it wasn't because Washington's generals didn't try to talk him into it. (He told them, You should be ashamed of yourselves, get the hell out of my tent.) English Civil War (Cromwell), Mexican Revolution (Santa Ana), Russian Revolution (Lenin), Chinese (Mao)...

And, Mr. W was among the very few leaders to voluntarily step down from his position of power when his time was up. How many guys before him did that without being killed?

The guy has my vote.
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02:24am 23/02/2012 (UTC)
Diana L. Paxson
Yes-- he really does seem to have deserved the reverence in which he was held. Europeans, in particular were utterly astounded that he refused to make himself king.

Speaking of the Revolution, I'm glad to see that your Abigail Adams books are going strong, and that Benjamin January is back in business.
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04:49pm 23/02/2012 (UTC)
Jennifer/Gail: Tiggy_Chocolate
I really agree with this.

Happy belated birthday!
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