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Yule tide meditations 4 - Yule eve & the Tomte  
01:20am 25/12/2010
Diana L. Paxson
Tomte, tomte, household wight
Ward us well throughout the night.
Porridge hot we offer you,
And milk that’s laced with tasty brew.
As by the holy hearth you dwell,
In peace and safety keep us well.
Yuletide blessings grant to all
Both clan and kin within this hall.
mood: cheerfulcheerful
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(no subject)
04:08pm 25/12/2010 (UTC)
Thank you, Diana:

I think of the way you opened my eyes to the Others and bless you. And if there is a way to find a wight for my house, let me know. I could use the laughter.
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Welcoming a Wight
09:51pm 25/12/2010 (UTC)
Diana L. Paxson
Prepare a home for your brownie (or tomte, etc.) by acquiring an interesting looking rock (6" to 1 foot), and washing it. A stone with a natural hole is especially appropriate. If you have a fireplace, clean it and wash the hearth; lay a new fire. If not, clear and clean a place near the stove and clean the stove.
In the evening, when the family is gathered, place the rock by the fireplace or stove. Put flowers around it. Set beside the stone a paper cup of milk, beer, or whisky and a paper plate of cookies, bannock, or porridge (but make no mention of these offerings in your prayers).
Say something like--

"Brownie (or tomte), to this house be welcome!
In this house let there be good cheer,
a welcome for friend and stranger,
mirth and music, cleanliness and good order.
In this house let there be food and drink
in plenty,
In this house let there be prosperity,
harmony and health, love and luck for all.
Honored One, for thy help we thank thee."

Light the fire and throw sweet-smelling wood or incense on it. As it burns, open your mind to try and visualize the wight. Leave the offerings over night. Burn whatever is left in the morning. Whenever you have a family feast (Christmas, birthdays, etc.) make an offering to the brownie, and when you need his help to make the gremlins return a lost object, or you are preparing to do some heavy housecleaning.
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