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The Annual Pagan Family Reunion  
04:57pm 21/02/2012
Diana L. Paxson
I'm home from Pantheacon, one of the more remarkable phenomena of the Pagan Revival--2300 people from every possible pagan or alternative religious tradition in a hotel. Kabbalism, Strega, Heathenry, Umbanda, Wicca, even the occasional mystical Christian. Pantheacon started as a local (Northern California) celebration, but these days people come from all over the country, and I get to see folks I've met at other festivals. This year they included Margot Adler and Ivo Dominguez, among many others. It's worthwhile for the people-watching alone. Masks and wings, hats, jewelry, tattoos, robes--you name it, somebody is wearing it. It's a great opportunity to explore spiritual options, and what you don't get from the workshops you can find out at the hospitality rooms sponsored by various groups. This year I actually was able to spend some time in the Heathen Hospitality Hof and the room sponsored by the Fellowship of the Spiral Path.

One of the differences between this and other events I attend is that at Pantheacon so many from my home community come too. This means I can do things that need a full team. This year it was a ritual play on the death of Baldr, with 7 speaking parts and a chorus. Herding all those cats was exciting, but the result was worth it. Ritual theater is a way to convey information and insights in a way that reaches people's souls. And there's nothing like the high when it's successfully done! I'm very grateful to the wonderful people in Hrafnar kindred for working with me on this.

This year was especially fun because Weiser books brought a box of advance copies of /The Way of the Oracle/. People snapped them up and I got a lot of positive feedback. After 20 years of doing the work, it is good to be able to share this harvest at last.
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